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ABC Painting & Drywall LLC Consultation Process

We’re a different kind of paint company, so our process seems to be a bit different from most contractors our clients have worked with previously. We care about your privacy, security and would rather not have you lose time off from work or family. We value your time and respect your home.

Our Consultation Process First, Send Us Photos of Your Project

When potential customers first want to work with us, they are asked to send photos of their project via email. This can be from their computer, tablet, or their cell phone. Send as many as you’d like both up close and panoramic if possible.

Email to: [email protected]

Text to: 361-334-0408

(be sure to include an address or name with photos)

Phone Consultation Second, Let’s Talk About Your Project

With the photos in hand, we can proceed to have a meaningful phone conversation to determine if we’re the right contractor for their project.

Open and honest conversation

The phone consultation takes about 15-20 minutes and we’ll review the photos that have been submitted to discuss goals for the project. If a client has a hard timeline or any other specifics, we want to know about them!

Immediate Price Quote

Once we’ve had our discussion and explored all the variables of the project, we can provide a verbal estimate during the call. We prefer to give ballpark figures over the phone. By discussing the budget and addressing the elephant in the room, we can ensure that our proposal is tailored to both our client’s budget and project needs.

At Home Consultation Third, Let’s Schedule Your Project

If a client determines that we’re the right contractor for them and that the budget we discussed makes sense, the next step is a site visit. We’ll come out to the home, take a walk around to ensure nothing was missed during the phone consultation and finalize the contract.

We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for understanding our online quote process.